Trimming Sizing Line

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Trimming Sizing Line

We offer Barza Makina's marble processing machines equipped with the latest technology in the industry. Make your work more efficient and of higher quality with our customizable solutions.

Designed to meet the demands of the modern marble processing industry, this high capacity Trimming Sizing Machine offers high efficiency and high precision in cutting operations. With its versatility and powerful performance, it provides a superior solution in natural stone cutting operations.

Performance and Efficiency: This machine is designed to provide high performance and efficiency in marble cutting processes. With its powerful engines and adjustable belt speed, it adapts to variable material types and sizes. Additionally, thanks to the use of multiple saws, it saves time and increases production capacity and speed.

Safety and Ease of Use: The machine is designed to keep user safety at the highest level. Ergonomic control panel and PLC control system enable operators to use the machine easily and safely. Additionally, it has advanced safety features to minimize errors that may occur during cutting.

  65x65 65x100 65x125 100x125
Power of Saw motor 5,5 Kw/7,5 Kw 5,5 Kw/7,5 Kw 5,5 Kw/7,5 Kw 5,5 Kw/7,5 Kw
Saw Diameter Ø350 mm/Ø400 mm Ø350 mm/Ø400 mm Ø350 mm/Ø400 mm Ø350 mm/Ø400 mm
Number of Saws 2+2 2+2 2+2 2+2
Speed of Conveyor Belt 0-5000 mm/dk 0-5000 mm/dk 0-5000 mm/dk 0-5000 mm/dk
Minimum Cutting Width 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm
Maximum Cutting Width 650 x 650 mm 650 x 1000 mm 650 x 1250 mm 1000 x 1250 mm
Maximum Cutting Thickness 30mm/50mm 30mm/50mm 30mm/50mm 30mm/50mm
Control System PLC Control PLC Control PLC Control PLC Control