Rubble Loading Belt

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Rubble Loading Belt

This specially designed Rubble Loading Belt is the ideal solution for the effective collection and transportation of debris generated during marble cutting operations. It is designed to increase efficiency and ensure work safety in marble workshops.

Performance and Efficiency: Rubble Loading Belt enables the waste generated during marble cutting operations to be transported quickly and efficiently. This helps keep the workshop area clean and tidy, increases work efficiency and improves work safety.

Ease of Use and Safety: The machine is designed for easy use and maintenance. This rubble loading belt, which has high safety standards, includes all the necessary measures for worker health and safety.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable: Thanks to its low energy consumption, it provides minimal impact on the environment and is an ideal option in terms of energy efficiency. Additionally, effective waste collection contributes to environmental sustainability.

Power of Motor 0,55 kw
Speed of Conveyor Belt 7000 mm/dk.