Multiple Sizing Machine

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Multiple Sizing Machine

A multi-sizing machine is a machine designed for precise and efficient sizing of materials such as marble and tiles. This machine has been developed to meet the demanding needs of the industry with its modern technology and high capacity features. Below, the technical features and benefits of this versatile machine are detailed.

Functionality and Areas of Use: The multi-sizing machine is designed for cutting operations that require speed and precision in marble and tile production processes. A large number of saws in the machine cut the materials to the desired dimensions, accelerating production processes and increasing efficiency. This machine provides time and cost savings in large-scale projects with its high cutting speed and various cutting capacities. It is also ideal for applications requiring precision cutting.

Saw Diameter Ø350-400 mm
Number of Saws Min 2-Max 13 pc
Power of Saw Motor 22 kw
Minimum Cutting Width 50 mm
Maximum Cutting Width 650 mm
Minimum Cutting Thickness 10 mm
Maximum Cutting Thickness 50/80 mm
Speed of Conveyor Belt 0-5000 mm/dk
Power of Conveyor Belt 0,55 kw
Power of Discharging&Lifting Motor 0,18 kw
Width 2100 mm
Lenght 3550 mm
Heigt 1940 mm
Weight 1250 kg