Multiple Mosaic Cutting Machine

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Multiple Mosaic Cutting Machine

Marble mosaic production requires great precision in terms of aesthetics and quality. At this point, the multi mosaic cutting machine is specially designed to meet these needs. This high-capacity and flexible machine is ideal for ensuring efficiency and cutting precision in the mass production of marble mosaics. Below are the key technical features and benefits of this high-performance machine.

Areas of Use and Advantages: This multiple mosaic cutting machine is especially designed for marble mosaic production. The flexible number of saws and powerful engine structure provided by the machine provide high efficiency and precise cuts in projects of all sizes. Their minimum cutting thickness and width facilitate the production of fine and detailed mosaic patterns, while their maximum capacity enables the rapid and efficient processing of large-scale marble slabs.

Saw Diameter Ø300-350 mm
Number of Saws Min 2-Max 48 pc
Power of Saw Motor 18,5 kw-22 kw
Minimum Cutting Width 10 mm
Maximum Cutting Width 480 mm
Minimum Cutting Thickness 10 mm
Maximum Cutting Thickness 50 mm
Speed of Conveyor Belt 0-5000 mm/dk
Power of Conveyor Belt 0,55 kw
Power of Discharging&Lifting Motor 0,18 kw
Width 2000 mm
Lenght 2400 mm
Heigt 1950 mm