Horizontal Hydraulic Blasting Machine

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Horizontal Hydraulic Blasting Machine

Exterior cladding, which has an important place in marble production, requires special processes in terms of aesthetics and durability. Horizontal Hydraulic Blasting Machine is a machine designed to meet these needs. This machine is used to blast marble horizontally, creating ideal surfaces for exterior cladding. Here are the technical features and advantages of this machine.

Application Areas and Importance: Horizontal Hydraulic Blasting Machine enables marble to be blasted horizontally, creating unique and aesthetic surfaces for use in exterior cladding. This process preserves the natural texture of the marble and at the same time gives it a modern and aesthetic appearance. High crushing tonnage and system pressure enable this machine to deliver high performance even in demanding industrial applications.

Machine Code PT-70
Power Of Break Motor 2,2 KW
Breaking Tonnage 7,5 TON
System Bar Max. 150 BAR
Maximum Stone Dimensions 75X300MM
Minimum Stone Dimensions 25X50MM