Edge Creasing Line

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Edge Creasing Line

This Edge Breaking Machine, which has a specific role in the marble industry, is designed to break the edges of marble tiles precisely and effectively. This machine is the ideal solution for workshops and factories that want to obtain high-quality end products.

Performance and Ease of Use: This edge crushing machine can process the edges of marble tiles quickly and effectively. Thanks to its adjustable belt speed and wide stone processing capacity, it easily adapts to stones of different sizes. The manual control system allows the operator to manage operations precisely.

Durability and Efficiency: Made from high quality materials, this machine shows high performance even in long-term use. Energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements provide cost savings for businesses.

Environmentally Friendly: This machine, which is an environmentally friendly product with low energy consumption, contributes to sustainable production practices.

Power of Break Motor 1,1 kw
Speed of Conveyor Belt 0-11 m/min
Conveyor Belt Power 0,55 KW
Conveyor Belt Width Setting Motor Power 0,37 KW
Conveyor Belt Turning Motor Power 0,55 KW
Max. Stone Width 650 mm
Min. Stone Width 15 mm
Max. Stone Thickness 50 mm
Min. Stone Thickness 10 mm
Control System Manuel