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Decorative Blasting Machine

In the decorative stone processing industry, aesthetic and functional processing of marble and similar natural stones is especially important. The Decorative Blasting Machine used in this field attracts attention with its high efficiency and precision. This machine expands the usage areas of stones by blasting stone surfaces for decorative purposes. Here are the details about the technical features and usage areas of this machine.

Application Areas and Importance: Decorative Blasting Machine processes the surfaces of marble, granite and other natural stones decoratively and prepares them for use in interior and exterior decoration of buildings, landscaping and artistic works. This machine adapts to variable stone sizes, adding flexibility to various projects. Thanks to the high stroke count, it can process large amounts of material in a short time, saving time and costs.

Power of Motor 1,5 kw
Number of Shots 125 ad/dk-pc/min
Min. Stone Height 50 mm
Max. Stone Height 300 mm
Min. Stone Thickness 15 mm
Max. Stone Thickness 80 mm
Width 800 mm
Lenght 800 mm
Heigt 2200 mm
Weight 700 kg