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Ceramic Multi Cut

We offer Barza Makina's marble processing machines equipped with the latest technology in the industry. Make your work more efficient and of higher quality with our customizable solutions.

In the marble and tile sectors, multi-cutting machines, which are critical for breaking large-sized stones into small pieces, are indispensable for processes requiring high efficiency and precision. This multi-cutting machine is designed to meet the needs of the industry with its modern technical features. Here are the technical specifications and functionality details of this machine:

Functionality and Areas of Use: The multi-cutting machine is designed to cut materials such as marble and tiles into small pieces of desired sizes. A large number of saws in the machine slice the material passing through the belt quickly and effectively, enabling small-sized pieces to be obtained. This machine offers time and cost savings in large-scale projects, thanks to its high cutting capacity and speed. It also stands out with its ability to make fine adjustments for precise cutting needs.

Saw Diameter Ø300-350 mm
Number of Saws Min 2-Max 13 pc
Power of Saw Motor 22 kw
Minimum Cutting Width 20 mm
Maximum Cutting Width 650 mm
Minimum Cutting Thickness 5 mm
Maximum Cutting Thickness 50/80 mm
Speed of Conveyor Belt 0-5000 mm/dk
Power of Conveyor Belt 0,55 kw
Power of Discharging&Lifting Motor 0,18 kw