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In the marble processing industry, beheading plays a vital role in giving marble tiles an aesthetic and smooth appearance. This process is carried out to cut and straighten the head of marble tiles, especially those with irregular short edges. Here is detailed information about the technical features and functionality of a high-capacity decapitation machine that performs this process.

Functionality and Areas of Use: This beheading machine is ideal for smooth and aesthetic processing of marble and similar stones. It is used especially in the construction and decoration sectors to cut and smooth the heads of marble tiles with irregular edges. The machine works quickly and effectively with its high engine power and cutting capacity. Additionally, thanks to its ability to process stones of different thicknesses and widths, it adapts to various projects.

Saw Diameter Ø400 / Ø450 mm
Number of Saws 1
Power of Saw Motor 7,5 kw / 11 kw
Power of Cutting Head Motor 1,5 kw
Maximum Cutting Thickness 50mm / 80 mm
Minimum Cutting Thickness 10 mm
Maximum Cutting Width 650 mm (max)
Width 1500 mm
Lenght 4400 mm
Heigt 2400 mm
Weight 1200 kg